Jen and Ben's 1st Ski Weekend of the Year

The New Year brought snow AND Jen and Ben to Cafe Drake HRV. A few inches of fresh powder and the ski bunnies couldn't wait to hit the nearby slopes.

Apres-ski meals should be seasonally appropriate we always say. What's more warming than the richness of Vegetable Tempura combined with the lighter elements of brown rice and tofu?

Shiso leaves, chili oil and dried red chilies add the spice Jen so craves to our wintery Japanese-themed dinner.

Grated ginger for adding to the tempura dipping sauce. Allow guests to season their sauce as desired; some want just a hint of ginger's bite while others love it full-strength.

Broiled Tofu, Carrots and Parsnips.

It remained cold outside . . .

. . . but warm and cozy inside Cafe Drake HRV. Want to re-create something from this meal? HERE's our fool-proof method for making vegetable tempura and HERE's our recipe for broiled tofu and veggies. You're welcome.


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