Kristin P. Stops By for Polenta!

Cremini, shitake and portobello mushrooms are sauteed in a mixture of butter, olive oil, white wine, garlic and herbs before crowning warm platters of polenta.

Cooking mushrooms over high heat, with no added liquid, is the sole secret to extracting the deepest, woodsiest flavor.

Assorted cherry and grape tomatoes in a "broken" vinaigrette provided an acidic counterpoint to the polenta's richness.

A cozy table setting for two on a frigid January evening.

Most polenta recipes begin with 3-4 cups of water to 1 cup of dried cornmeal. At Cafe Drake HRV we prepare ours with a liquid ratio of half milk, half water. Above, rosemary leaves and dried, toasted onions infuse the cooking liquid with additional base flavors.

Croutons for a starter salad. Tearing the bread instead of cutting into squares has a certain rustic chicness appropriate to wintery, rural Italian fare such as a dinner of polenta.

Lloyd always lets us know when he's ready for his evening cocktail.

Cheers, Kristin!

Our polenta with mushrooms and cheese is broiled for just a minute or two before serving. Small, steel platters are ideal for the job.



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