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French Green Lentil Salad

$1 A (small, very small) Bag Only!

A Little Kitchen Music

Happy Birthday Us!!!!

Chickpea Flour "Omelette"

Two More Quick Curries

Babysitting for Sloane in Sunset Park

Eggplant Salad with Mint Leaves

Guisado de Quintonil (Stewed Amaranth Greens)

Pickled Radishes

Summer is Purrfect for Stretching Out

Lunch of The Lazy

Red Curry Chicken

A New Variation on Pad Thai Noodles, Sort Of

We Dine with Jen (Ruske) Frequently

Bamboo Shoots with Green Chili Sauce

New Fridge. New Random View.

Empress Dal

Octavio Joins Us For Dinner

Pork Stew with Tomatoes and Ginger (from Bhutan)