Growing Things Inside & Out

Hulls shed by sprouted mung beans don't present the textural problems (i.e. weird mouth feel) of larger soaked legumes but are easy enough to banish - just place newly sprouted beans in a container of water, swish around and the hulls/skins will float to the top for swift, simple removal.

Grab a small bag of green mung beans at your local natural foods store or Indian or Asian market and sprout! They're useful way beyond salad toppings; give them a quick stir-fry or blend with tahini, lemon juice and garlic for an intensely nutritious take on hummus.

The World's Skinniest, Tiniest Daikon Radishes? Although underwhelmed with their size, because we grew them in the Cafe Drake HRV gardens they're still our children and we loved them. Hoping for larger sizes to harvest soon.

Fenugreek seeds also make delicious sprouts with an intriguing maple scent and slight bitterness.
Pictured above, the newly planted geraniums have tripled in size in the three weeks since this pic was snapped.


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