Another Too Quick Trip to Crooklyn

Even if it's for less than 48 hours, Arabella's visits to Chez Benifer are always relaxed and cozy. Doesn't she just look chicer in these luxe surroundings?

We were so rushed this time around we didn't get to do much more than teach our class. There's always time for some of our favorite take-out delights though, especially those we miss so much these days - dan dan noodles, sesame pancakes stuffed with kimchi, authentic tamales and, above, extraordinary Tunisian fare from La Goulette (falafel, tabbouleh, warm fresh bread, homemade hot sauce, hummus, labneh and baba ganoush). p.s. Fortunate enough as well to slurp martinis at Rye and score time with Jen Lazarro and sweet baby Aggie!
Our reason for the short trip down, as above, was to conduct the first ever 4-Hour Indian Chef class at Brooklyn Brainery. Many many thanks to Ester Lok for the photos!


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