A Very Simple Vietnamese Rolled Omelette

Great for a quick protein-rich snack, tucked into lunch bags and picnic hampers or, as we do most often at Cafe Drake HRV, enjoyed as a light lunch with jasmine rice and salad, rolled omelets just make Life easier and better. For one, whisk 2 free-range eggs in a bowl with a drop or two of ice water and 1 t. fish sauce. Pour into a lightly oiled non-stick skillet set over a low flame. Sit back and wait for the omelet to take shape.

Season with salt and black pepper - just toss it over the cooking eggs - and carefully place on burgeoning omelet herbs of choice - rau ram (pictured above, fresh from the garden) or cilantro or basil and mint.

As the eggs begin to set carefully lift firm edges to allow any uncooked egg on the surface to roll underneath. Be patient. When you can, with a rubber spatula, lift one firm end and begin to carefully roll towards the center.

Roll into a cylinder, remove from skillet and pat dry of any excess oil. Enjoy hot, warm, at room temperature or cold, straight from the fridge. Omelets will keep nicely refrigerated for about 3 days.


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