The Last Garden Post of the Year (sniffle sniffle)

A handful of surviving potted herbs have been brought inside to over-winter. Some will make it, some won't. 

Rau Ram is possibly the only tropical herb native to South East Asia that can, at least for a few months, adapt to indoor living. Dryer air of course demands frequent watering; the plants also benefit from a weekly misting.

Our gorgeous magenta mums succumbed to the first hard freeze. RIP.

Despite their tender leaves and delicate, sweet flavor, mache is the garden's toughest little plant. These salad greens have been known to grow - and thrive - covered with snow!

Leafy green vegetables are the last to say goodbye for the season.

Arugula needs sunshine but doesn't seem to mind freezing temperatures. 

A field of Ruby Red Mustard Streaks ready for harvesting.

Tat soi isn't just tolerating the cold, it's growing as fast as ever!

Arabella surveys the depleted early-winter garden and side yard.

A prolific self seeder, borage returns over and over, no mater how often it's yanked from the ground. The dark green leaves and bright blue flowers are a welcome antidote to December's grey skies.


Assistant gardener Lloyd Page assesses the condition of an indoor sage plant.


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