A December Visit from Jen and Aggie and Lucy

Brunch is always delicious at Murray's in Tivilo, even more so when shared with two lovely ladies!

Agnes enjoyed several performances during the day-long celebration of Sinterklaas in Rhinebeck. Above, at the Bindlestiff Family Circus show at Upstate Films.

Jen and Aggie say hello to two Queen Bees outside the Beekman Arms.

Arabella is always beyond excited to see Agnes and Jen.

Sitting down to a meal of homemade vegan kielbasa sausages, sauerkraut braised with apples and Riesling, assorted roasted veggies and a salad of the garden's last surviving greens (arugula, mache and mustard cress). A healthy eater from the onset, Aggie made a meal of roasted Yellow Finn potatoes and broccoli! 


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