Good News from the Garden

Even on the hottest day, even at noon, we can appreciate the gardens of Cafe Drake HRV, even if only through a glass door.

A favorite spot to relax after pruning, weeding and watering!

Peak Growing Season now in the Hudson River Valley.
Heaps of mint are harvested every other day for drying.

An arrangement sourced from the Cutting Gardens.

Our first eggplant. Ever!
Several varieties of lettuces and a mound of chives ensure that no meal is without fresh greens at Cafe Drake HRV.

Bachelor Buttons are such a winning combination of bright blue flowers and silvery, elegant leaves.

(above photos) The Cutting Garden

Soon we'll have string beans.

Arabella Page up and about, soaking up a glorious July morning.
There's of course a less pretty side to beautiful gardens. Above, the daily task of weeding and clearing. And then sweeping.


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