Parsi Chicken with Apricots

Cafe Drake HRV originally posted the recipe for Apricot Chicken, a signature dish of Mumbai's Parsi community, back in 2010, when we were known officially as Cafe Drake Brooklyn. Grab the recipe here and by all means, make tonight or tomorrow. 

Traditionally skinned, bone-in pieces of chicken would be used but on that rarest of occasions recently - us with boneless, skinless chicken breast in the freezer - we prepared it differently with happy results. The bane of chicken breasts minus skin and bone is dryness, a cardboard-like stringy texture, so adjust cooking times from original post accordingly. Ours cooked through, cut into small pieces, in less than 15 minutes; we scooped out the poultry and boiled the sauce for 10 minutes to reduce by half before returning chicken to the pan. At that point you'll want to simply toss well again and serve hot or warm with rice or bread.

The funny red squiggles seen above are tomato paste from a tube. So convenient and it never seems to spoil in the fridge. The recipe requires the paste, not tomato sauce.

Vinegar, brown sugar and dried apricots add a most distinctive flavor to this Parsi curry.

Parsi Apricot Chicken with brown rice, curry leaf chutney powder, raita and salad.

Reduce or increase the amount of red chilies used depending upon your preference.


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