Chola (Chickpea Curry) the Manjula Way

If you haven't discovered yet ifoodTV and its specialized RoKu channels you're missing out on a large dose of small screen, down home cooking shows. Most are low-rent in the most charming of ways, and while not ready for the likes of Food Network just yet, the DIY production values and effusive sincerity of home cooks ready for their food close-ups is addictive! Cafe Drake HRV can't stop watching the Indian Channel - natch - and particularly the queen of the micro-network, Manjula.

The recipe for Chickpeas cooked with Chickpea Flour a/k/a Chola (Chana Masala) is a stroke of authentic genius; the roasted chickpea flour, also known as besan or gram flour, wows as both thickening and flavoring agent.

Below, we carefully fried the chickpea flour in oil laced with toasted cumin seeds and asafetida.

Without the usual largesse of tomatoes and sweet fried onions in most chickpea curries, Manjula's version is a purist's delight. Lack of acidity combined with a profound saltiness make the curry perfect over rice and served alongside tangy yogurt.

Manjula's Chola, enjoyed at Cafe Drake HRV with brown rice, coconut chutney, zucchini and yogurt salad and braised kale. Grab this and many other recipe's from Manjula's Kitchen tonight!


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