THE Smoothie of Summer 2013

Maybe it's because here in the Hudson River Valley we have a bountiful strawberry patch. Perhaps it's our fascination with the antioxidant overload of flax seeds. Something's Up, because those that know us know we don't love bananas!

Cafe Drake HRV generally restricts breakfast to two jumbo-sized espresso coffees in the morning. Much more our delicate stomachs can't handle (esp. given heavy drinking the night before). But we're fascinated so much with this new smoothie we actually wake up craving its creamy goodness! 

Throw all of this into a blender: 4-6 ice cubes, 1 small banana (peeled, natch), a small handful of rinsed and crowned strawberries, 2 T. flax seed meal (or just toss in 1 T. flax seeds themselves), 1 cup vanilla soymilk and 1-2 T. local honey. Blend and drink. Morning never tasted so good.


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