Happy 2016 from All of Us at CAFE DRAKE HRV!!!!

We were blessed to ring in the New Year with three lovely ladies - Jen, Agnes and Lucy Lazzaro! Best Wishes to everyone for a bright, happy and fulfilling year ahead. May each of you fulfill some new dreams and, most importantly, recognize your innate ability to do so! 
Cafe Drake HRV


Wondering if these two will wake up by midnight . . .

Agnes and Arabella enjoy some iPad time before dinner.

A disco nap before the ball drops.

Cornbread should always be baked in a cast iron skillet.

Cafe Drake HRV's traditional Southern holiday meal of Hoppin' John and stewed collard greens. Our vegetarian version of the classic stew didn't suffer this year from the lack of meat; bold seasoning with plenty of sage, paprika and a dash of liquid smoke perfectly captures the flavor of sausage.

Lucy Lazzaro certainly approves of our meat-free Hoppin' John and collards. 
We got a big complimentary Two Paws Up as well from Arabella Page.


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