A Visit in the New Year From the Ruske-Terziani Crew

Susan Mckeever-Duys drove up from Brewster to spend some time with J&B and meet The Twinz. Above, Henry and Susan contemplate the lunch menu at Hoffman House in Kingston.

Peter, Ben and Jen

Peter is happy just playing with a spoon!

Babies on board and ready to take a stroll through Uptown Kingston's historic Stockade District.

At the Senate House Museum.

An impromptu Meet-n-Greet with Arabella.

Henry gets a bottle. Arabella gets a much-needed nap.

Walking the Runway. Or, for now, the Counter.

Setting the table for a long overdue dinner with dear friends.

Dinner is served!

Arabella awakes from a snooze just in time to join us in the dining room.

Ben and Peter at brunch.

Jen and Henry at Murray's in Tivoli.

Henry lets Mama know he would like the rest of that bottle. Now.

Ben stirs the pot.


Arabella Page

YES! We finally learned to bake homemade baguettes with a no-knead technique and 24-hour proofing period.

With sweet Peter.

Oaxacan "Yellow" Mole with grilled fennel, cabbage, boiled potatoes, mushrooms and string beans was our entree Saturday night. Sides included homemade bread (for soaking up the soupy mole sauce), simmered pinto beans, pickled green tomatoes and two salsas - Chile de Arbol and Tomato Salsa and an Avocado and Peanut Salsa.

Ruske and Arabella wait patiently for dinner to begin.

While his sister stalks the dinner guests for handouts, Lloyd Page relaxes in the "dog" bed.

Lloyd loves babies! Who knew?


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