Trying Out Two More Recipes from Isa Moskowitz

Isa Does It Again! Recipe #1 - Chickpea Cutlets

Recipe #2 - Greek-Style Roasted Potatoes. These lemony flavor bombs are EXACTLY like the ones you know and love at every Greek restaurant you've ever visited. The tart and salty, melting soft potatoes take us back to many a taverna in Astoria, Queens!

Old School Retro Scrumptiousness: Chickpea Cutlets, Rice, Greek Potatoes and Side Yard Salad.

It's amazing how fast the recipe for meaty, chewy Chickpea Cutlets comes together, so easy it almost assembles itself. We wouldn't change a thing so head on over to Isa's website, The Post-Punk Kitchen, and snag this must-have for yourself already.

While you're at it, don't think of passing up her Greek-style roasted potatoes either. Both recipes are also available in the paradigm-shifting cookbook, Veganomicon.


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