Last Minute PIcnic with Susan and Sloane

The misty, moody grounds of Mills Mansion in Stattsburg, NY.
Lunching on the lawns with two lovely ladies. Can't rain on our picnic! Literally; we secured a dry spot beneath a sprawling elm.
Last minute meals are often the most satisfying, composed of things you really want to eat at the moment. We three enjoyed wasabi-edamame hummus, homemade pesto, bread, a selection of cheeses, marinated cucumbers, rice crackers, roasted tomato salad, apples, avocado, walnuts, chocolate and Susan's handmade elderberry cordial!

As mentioned, a light rain didn't phase us at all.

Sloane kindly offered an umbrella to statuary.

And the drizzle subsided.

Ahhhh. A much-needed afternoon respite from the chores at Cafe Drake HRV.


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