The First Days of Summer at Cafe Drake HRV

Broccoli rabe and komatsuna plants need their flowering tips pinched off to prevent further bolting and encourage bushier growth. We never toss these spicy bits away but add to salads and as garnishes for soups and sandwiches.

It looks a mess but was delicious! A plate of black bean enchiladas with queso fresco, cilantro, arugula, scallions and grape tomatoes.

Peonies always herald the end of Spring and the premiere of Summer.

Skinny underwhelming daikon radishes, pulled with disappointment from the garden. We don't have a knack for growing root vegetables but at least the greens are tasty, stir-fried or shredded in salads.

Lunch gets real simple during the growing season at Cafe Drake HRV. So many outdoor chores leave little time for leisure! We never skimp on flavor though, as seen in this "quick bite" of toasted whole-grain rolls, melted white cheddar cheese, roasted peppers, red chilies and papalo (a Latin American herb new to our garden in 2015).

Homemade vegetarian chorizo sausage, simmered pinto beans, corn tortillas and ancho chile salsa.

Early summer and late spring weather is ideal for growing lettuces, arugula, baby mustard greens and more. Salad stars such as these tend to wilt and wither in July and August heat.


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