The Growing Season at Cafe Drake HRV: Part III (EPIC Post!!)

Lovage grows next to - and around - neighboring irises and peonies.

With their luxurious blooms, lush dark leaves and subtle, heavenly scent, peonies are our favorite flower.

Arabella Page supervises from the front door. It was too hot for her to help outside.

Lloyd Page is always on the prowl.

Our mother gave us komatsuna seeds from the Hudson Valley Seed Library and this Asian leafy green vegetable is holding on during another heat wave. Komatsuna, like all other brassicas, prefers cooler temperatures.

Tiny green peas will soon emerge, in pods, from these climbing vines. The small white flowers are a decorative bonus and really pop in the garden.

Got Dill? Got Arugula? We do.

The kohlrabi is enjoying a growth spurt!

Lloyd Page patrols the garden perimeter. Daily. Several times a day.

Lloyd is kinda obsessive and that's just how we like our security detail at Cafe Drake HRV.

Arabella decided it was still too hot to venture outside.

Always on the lookout.

SAD POSTSCRIPT: A few of these photos were snapped just hours before a devastating storm/tornado blew through the hamlet of Glasco, leaving downed trees, power lines and shredded flowers and seedlings in its wake. Photos of the aftermath to soon follow. Parts of the garden remained unharmed and most importantly, Lloyd and Arabella weathered the storm inside, safe and dry.


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