So Many Reasons to Be Thankful

We hope everyone has had as lovely a Thanksgiving weekend as we have, here at Cafe Drake HRV. Now that the season is upon us, Happy Holidays to All!!

Thanksgiving Eve dropped a foot of snow over the Hudson River Valley. Thankfully, again, so many reasons to be appreciative, our guests made it here safely and even shoveled the driveway!

After brining the turkey (white wine, water, salt, juniper berries, thyme sprigs, bay leaves, mustard and coriander seeds etc), Ruske chopped and fried giblets (liver, gizzard, heart) to create a potent, luscious stock employed the following day in both gravy and baked dressing.

 Lloyd kept Jen company in the kitchen . . .

Much to Arabella's delight, Ben arrived shortly after and set about creating a scallops appetizer and a sublime corn pudding with fresh chanterelle mushrooms. Not to mention a layered pumpkin/sour cream/bourbon cheesecake!

Even the large fridge at Cafe Drake HRV couldn't hold all our various stocks, sauces, marinades and white wines so the breezeway (lightly chilled) was employed for Thanksgiving spillover.

The snow continued. Ruske stole some much-deserved down time. Ben snapped pics of the snowy porch and front yard.

After 24 hours in the seasoned brine, our free-range bird was draped in wine and butter-soaked cheesecloth and baked for 3 hours until golden brown.

Dark outside before 5PM and time to light candles, finish styling the table and prepare for arriving guests Kristin and Dolce Ploucquet . . .

A looooong cocktail hour is essential, anytime really but most of all, before multi-course holiday feasts.

Our Thanksgiving meal began with a Sweet Potato and Ancho Chile Bisque with Pumpkin Seeds and proceeded merrily to a second course of Pan-Fried Scallops with Rosemary followed by Corn Pudding with Mushrooms and then, the bonanza main course of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and string beans (both lovingly contributed by KP), cranberry relish and braised red cabbage. The Wine Flight included bubbly, two dry, sharp whites and a Beaujolais.


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