Goodbye Backyard Tomatoes. It Was a Wonderful Summer & Fall!

(photos above) So many marvelous sandwiches begin - and often end - with thick slices of homegrown tomatoes and mayonnaise. or Veganaise.
Draining assorted, just-plucked tomatoes for a tomato pie.

The chopped tomatoes are layered atop slivered onions in a pie crust, covered with a thick paste of shredded sharp Cheddar, mayo and fresh herbs and baked for half an hour until bubbling and brown.

Tiny brown (chocolate) cherry tomatoes were often paired this season with cheese, crisp breads and pickled peppers for cocktail snacks at Cafe Drake HRV.

Cafe Drake HRV's most dedicated garden produce enthusiast, Arabella Page, is asking lately: "Where are all those yummy tomatoes??"


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