Presidents' Day Weekend Visit from Jen and Ben

Deep . . .

deep . . .

DEEP snow upon Jen and Ben's evening arrival.

Fresh powder daily made for excellent conditions at nearby ski mountains.

As seen above, Mexican food was on the menu Saturday evening at Cafe Drake HRV.

A micro first course of radish and apple salad, dressed with a wintery cinnamon vinaigrette, was quickly dispatched by hungry and weary travelers. Appetites were previously whetted via Manhattans and cheese biscuits.

For an appetizer, Lentil Tostados with mole sauce, queso blanco, tomatoes, cilantro, cashew and chile de arbol salsa and pickled egg

Pozole Stew with salsa cruda
Ben Terziani prepared a special dessert of chocolate pots de creme!

Arabella was thrilled to see her Auntie Ruske. As always.


Fabulously fresh tasting and under-appreciated in this country, salsa cruda works wonders as both general table condiment and garnish to most Latin soups and stews. Stir a big spoonful into your next bowl of lentil or vegetable soup for a surprising blast of extra oomph! Cafe Drake HRV makes it just like this. We add to a food processor 3 fresh jalapeno peppers (chopped), 1 ripe tomato (chopped), 1/4 cup chopped red onion, about 3 T. roughly chopped cilantro, 1 heaping teaspoon dried oregano and 1 t. fresh lime juice. Pulse until very finely chopped but do not puree smooth. If using a blender, chop by turning it on and off until you reach the right consistency, similar to a coarse, chunky applesauce. Transfer to a bowl and season with salt and black pepper.


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