Easiest Pull Pork Evah!

And it's all about the slow cooker a/k/a crock pot. We began with 2 lb. piece of boneless pork shoulder but bone-in is fine as well. Chop 1 really large - or two smaller - onions and place on the bottom of the crock pot. Add 4 or 5 cloves of peeled garlic, broken in halves. Throw in a bay leaf or two, why the hell not? Now dust heavily on all sides your pork shoulder with salt, cayenne pepper, brown sugar, cinnamon, ground cumin and smoked paprika. Place in crock pot atop onions. We added, like 5, whole dried red chilies but that's just us, your call. Pour 1 small can of chicken broth over the pork and cook on the high setting for 3 hours. Turn to low setting and cook an additional 2-3 hours. Do nothing. Don't even stir. When the pork is falling apart remove to a carving board and shred into strands, discarding large chunks of fat and all of the skin. Pour remaining contents of crock pot through a fine mesh strainer and return solids to crock pot, reserving all liquid.. Also, add shredded pork back to the pot. Moisten as you like with strained liquid, 2 T. tomato paste and 2 T. white or rice vinegar. Adjust seasoning adding more salt, pepper or sugar if required. Keep warm in crock pot for up to 2 hours on low setting or cool then refrigerate until ready to pork major! Best garnished with sliced onions, jalapeno peppers and bread and butter pickles. Serve on toasted bread or rolls or with hot cornbread. Appropriate sides include baked beans and creamy coleslaw.


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