And We're Still Working On This House

Maybe we should start a home renovation blog detailing the day-to-day trials and tribulations of revamping a 100 year old + home during a fierce Northeast winter?

above two photos: Don't Believe the Sales Pitch. There is no such thing as an easy fireplace installation.
The process even requires venting through floors!

Of course Arabella is ever vigilant, inspecting each stage and element of the work.
Gaping holes in walls has become the new living standard at Cafe Drake HRV! Above, it gets worse before it gets better; in this instance, a hideous old medicine cabinet has been removed and ancient wires discovered.

Cafe Drake HRV is now decorated with scary power tools we've only seen before in horror movies.

Arabella makes certain walls are properly plastered.
She does seem well pleased with the fireplace progress though. Mantel, hearth and more to follow.

Contract Foreman
Once terrified of loud noises and strangers, Lloyd has adapted to months of power saws, drills and nail guns. Forbidden from resting on this chair the Little Devil/Angel found a way around Daddy's rules - sleep atop the pillow instead.
Building walls is exhausting work.

Lloyd gives the new kitchen floor a test run.

Lots of furniture rearrangement.

And much more to ensue. Tweaking until it's just right is half the fun.


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