Recently Discovered Pics

 No idea where these recent photos were hiding on the Cafe Drake HRV hard drive.

Cafe Drake HRV loves a Caesar Salad crowned with grilled chicken or salmon as much as the next pub diner, but fried green tomatoes make a seasonal, lighter topping and also tranform the dish into a complete meal.

Snow-white chicken salad is beyond refreshing in this stifling heat. We make ours by mixing together equal parts plain yogurt and mayonnaise. You don't need much more than that + salt and pepper and whatever fresh herbs you have handy.

This was snapped a couple of weeks ago before the Heat Wave from Hell moved in to stay. These days Lloyd Page prefers cool tile floors to upholstered furniture for cat napping.

Slow-cooked, pan-fried local and fresh kohlrabi cubes with green bell peppers, couscous pilaf, salad and pickled quail's eggs.

Can't resist posting and bragging over our garden's bounty of various salad greens.


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