Another Garden Update

Remember those three tiny sprigs of shiso we planted back in early May? Talk about progress!

Borage was but a 5-inch seedling 30 days ago; now, an ever-expanding shrub. We're cooking the leaves gently and using the blue flowers in cocktails and salad. The entire plant tastes of ultra-fresh cucumber.

Re-sowing micro green seeds every 15 days ensures a continuous harvest.

Salad burnet also experiencing a serious growth spurt. Did we mention yet that in Elizabethan days a sprig floating atop a goblet of claret was considered the ultimate in cocktail hour chicness?

We bought a $1.49 4-pack of teeny zucchini seedlings and have been rewarded with multiple squash blossoms, our goal really.

Thai basil is trickier than other varieties, or so we found. Re-planted in the herb garden it's thriving and decorating many a bowl of cold and spicy rice noodles at Cafe Drake HRV.

Almost drowned during late Spring floods, mint has staged an impressive comeback.

You already know we're obsessed with lovage. Enough said.


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