Lunch is Why You Need Leftovers

Roasted Okra, Seeni Sambol, Pickled Chilies, Rice, Yellow Squash, Black Eye Pea Salad and PIckled Quail Egg. Need a quick side salad? Drain and rinse well 1 can of black eye peas. Leave to drain fully in a colander then toss in a shallow, wide bowl with some olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, a diced plum tomato, some minced cilantro and 1 finely diced jalapeno. Season with either rice vinegar or fresh lime juice to desired level of tartness.

Salads Get Wild This Summer at Cafe Drake HRV: from our garden, baby arugula, micro mustard greens, mizuna and borage flowers.

Onion Bialy with Melted Cheddar and Plum Tomatoes, Salad, Artichoke and Pepper Relish, Olives and Spicy Peanuts


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