How Lucky is Cafe Drake??!!

We count ourselves blessed indeed, graced with two weekend dinners from our dear friends Jen and Jen.

Below: Jen Ruske and Ben T.'s gorgeous Duck Dinner:

Is it possible to not love baby Yukon Golds pan-fried in duck fat?

We remain in awe of Ruske's butterscotch pie with homemade Marcona almond brittle!

Now that's what we call a cheese course. Complete with roasted figs!

Oozing goat milk cheese deliciousness.

The titular bird of the Duck Dinner.

Ruske makes it all seem so effortless.

And from the Kitchen/Chic Pad of Jen Lazzaro, Oscar Night:

Ben is enthralled with the Oscars' Red Carpet Pre-Show.

Fried Chicken Wraps with Oven-Roasted Sweet Peppers. Yeah, J-la rolls like that.

Jen Lazzarro always serves high glamor, on and off the plate.

Jen hard at work, constructing a grazing feast.

Sliders topped with ketchup and mayo.

We all sat glued to the TV, watching the Academy Awards, plates in laps, never empty.


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