A Few Meals, Here & There

Tandoori Chicken, made at home without the ubiquitous red food dye!

A hearty Indian-influenced lunch: yellow split peas, basmatic rice, roasted okra, creamed and spiced mustard greens, whole wheat chapati bread

All you basically need for Thai Vegetable Green Curry is a handful of chopped fresh produce and a can of coconut milk and one of green curry paste.

Tandoori chicken again, served with leftover split peas transformed into a thick soup.

Leftovers again for lunch, made more interesting with toasted pappadums and a dollop of homemade tomato-chipotle salsa.

Ravioli, garlic bread and 5-minute coleslaw. Here's how to make the slaw: In a large bowl mix 1/4 cup red wine vinegar with about 2 T. sugar. Now add 2 T. of olive oil and whisk until blended. Add 1 14-16 oz. bag of shredded cabbage and mix again. Add 1 t. salt and plenty of black pepper and mix well. Allow to sit for 5 minutes before serving.  Also good mixed in, but totally optional, are celery seeds, tarragon and a t. of Dijon mustard. Leftovers keep for at least 3 days refrigerated and make an excellent topping for sandwiches or may be tossed into green salads.

Frozen pork and scallion dumplings from Trader Joe's with brown rice, tossed salad and ponzu dipping sauce.

Lamb Bolognese

A gift from Axel in Iceland - pickled dulse.

Living in Greenpoint a/k/a Little Poland, Cafe Drake needs a repertoire of recipes employing perogies. Here, boiled and mounded atop a veggie stir-fry.

Chilled "custard-style" silken tofu with soy sauce and the Japanese 7-spice pepper blend known as shichimi togarashi.

Lemon Rice with carrot ribbons (dressed with spicy yogurt sauce) and Bibb lettuce salad.

Yet another quirky/crazy fusion meal at Cafe Drake: Thai meets Japanese home cuisine.


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