Out and About in the Autumnal Hudson River Valley

I. Ferncliff Forest, Rhinecliff, NY

The forest is definitely a house of worship for us!

II.  Lighthouse Trail, Saugerties, NY

III. Falling Waters Preserve, Glasco, NY

She may not be able to unearth truffles, but Arabella can sure sniff out a puffball mushroom!

IV. Olana House and Grounds, Hudson, NY

Susan and Cafe Drake HRV combined forces to create a voluptuous picnic feast of arugula and baby mustard greens salad, tomatoes, olive bread, cheeses, tangerines, chickpea salad sandwiches, olives, pickles and Susan's homemade apricot preserves and delectable salad of apples, hazelnuts and dried currants.

The end of the Green Zebra tomatoes. Literally.

With Sloane. On a blustery, downright chilly October afternoon.

With Susan. Trying not to shiver.


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