Our Little Snow Bunny, Arabella Page

Enough is enough. When the snow and sub-freezing temperatures don't seem to be going anywhere, humans and pit bulls must adapt. Onward ahead, Arabella!

The trails behind Cafe Drake HRV remain buried beneath feet of packed, frozen snow. But that's not gonna stop us anymore.
Beyond the trees, the vast Hudson River is frozen solid.
At the entrance to nearby Poet's Walk Park.

Wrapped up warm in her shearling-lined coat, Arabella is ready to romp through the wide fields of white.

"Come on, Daddy. Let's start walking. Fast! It's cold out here."
Winter's stark beauty, the landscape of loneliness, often overwhelms and intimidates with its austerity. With a romping, hopping pit bull pulling at the leash, spirits are instantly lifted and we're free to simply soak in the snowy splendor.


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