Roasted Tofu and Wasabi Mashed Potatoes

You've all been making wasabi mashed potatoes for awhile, admit it. But for those rusty cooks wanting to resurrect a mid-90's classic, as eternally youthful as the first time you savored them: Begin with around a pound of Yukon Gold or basic red potatoes. Peel them. Cut them into 1" squares, or anything approximate. Boil in heavily salted water until soft. Drain. Duh. Return to the pot and, over low heat, add salt to taste, 2 T. butter, black pepper and 1-2 T. wasabi paste. You know you can buy the powdered wasabi and mix with an equal amount of water to create the paste, or if the bank account is flush, just buy the paste in a tube. We're done.

We often bake slices of tofu in the same manner of tempeh. The marinade is the same as well and you can get our recipe right here.


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