Autumn's Favorite Cocktail

We're calling this one the Leaf Peeper, with its golden-brown color and a flavor that seems the very essence of Fall in a Glass. Begin with a glass that holds approximately 1 cup / 8 oz. liquid; the short, squat one seen above is our officially designated Leaf Peeper vessel at Cafe Drake HRV

From here on out measurements get sort of vague, as they tend to do when home mixologists like ourselves start inventing alcoholic libations. Pour in  to the glass about 1/2" of vodka. Fill the glass 3/4 full now with GOOD QUALITY cold apple cider. Add a few ice cubes and finish with a tiny float of (very) dry hard cider on top. 

An optional garnish might include a slice of dried apple or a twist of lemon or orange rind but embellishments aren't really needed.

Amazing things happen if you switch out the vodka for a smokey Scotch. You'll almost swear you're sipping before a bonfire of burning leaves.


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