Are They Pizzas or Flatbreads? Doth it Matter?

Neither a flatbread or pizza, an open-faced torta (Mexican sandwich of beans, cheese, jalapenos and other ingredients) is still constructed from many of the same basic building blocks. Above, with coleslaw and green salad.

(above two photos): Before & After (the Oven). An easy, mouth-watering vegan flatbread is assembled with a thin layer of refried beans followed by sliced onions, jalapenos and yellow pear tomatoes from the Cafe Drake HRV gardens. Everything gets doused with nutritional yeast which adds a decided cheese-like texture and flavor. Broil for 2-3 minutes and then top with pickled peppers and cilantro.

Flatbread/Pizza with Aged White Cheddar (local, natch), Roasted Tempeh, Onions, Seckel Pears (peel first please), serrano chilies and finished with grated Romano cheese. Maybe our favorite yet.


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