We're Trying to Cut Out Wheat. Trying . . .

Now it's been confirmed that wheat products not only make you fat, and are difficult to digest besides, Cafe Drake HRV is slowly banishing baked goods and traditional pasta from our menus. Or at least reserving for special "treats". Like pizza, and maybe bagels, once a week. The rolls above are whole wheat but turns out that's only nominally better than white processed flour. AnyWAY . . . we were hungry, it was lunch time, the fridge was depleted and this is what we came up with and it was delicious: leftover braised Swiss chard spread on split whole wheat Kaiser roll and topped with crumbled feta, sliced onion and halved cherry tomatoes.

Baked until crispy the rolls are further adorned with buttermilk dressing, olive oil, salt and pepper and from the garden, snipped sage, savory and basil leaves. Total Prep Time: 7 Minutes!


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