How Our Garden Grows Part III: This & That

Cilantro is quick to bolt in the hot, sunny Summer. We keep ours in the minimal shade provided by Cafe Drake HRV's Key Lime trees.

Our basil plants struggle along. Above: Fino Verde and Spicy Globe basils Below: Thai basil

Red Russian kale is holding strong against the caterpillar and moth beetle invasion. Our Tuscan kale was toppled (or more precisely mangled) by these garden pests but grew to a height of 2 feet before succumbing. We harvested what we could and enjoyed several dinners of tender, sweet kale.

The only self-watering container at Cafe Drake HRV houses a poblano pepper plant. Given the hands-off and no-brain perks, we'll be converting more and more to these self-sufficient planters next season.

The tomatillo plant seems strong and healthy.

We're even noticing a few bright yellow blossoms and tiny marble tomatilloes.

The golden raspberry bush has tripled in size from last year's growth peak and is starting to form fruit as well.

Sweet lilac blossoms are arriving across the black raspberry bush.

Violas and mint make for good companion planting.


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