An Early Summer Weekend with Jen and Ben

The peonies are short-lived. Capturing their ephemeral beauty is part of their rarefied pleasure.

A simple table setting for a late arrival supper of spicy sweet potato soup, chili and tamarind braised cod, rice, dal, raita, garden salad and fenugreek and coriander seeded goat milk gouda.

Simmering a sauce of dried red chilies, tamarind paste and garlic.

Wild cod loins.

Cod braising in the hot, tangy masala.

Campari tomatoes with olive oil, salt and mint and lovage leaves.

Brunch at Mezzaluna following the Woodstock Library book sale. Above, eggs Benedict with spinach and chipotle hollandaise.

Also amazing at Mezzaluna: fresh corn arepas, Sloppy Jose sandwiches and German Apple pancakes with cinnamon creme anglaise.

To accompany our inaugural outdoor grill experience . . .Chopped Salad with Sumac and Toasted Sesame Seeds

Ben's perfect rolled flat bread dough, prepped for the grill.

Also ready for the coals: chicken skewers, lamb burgers and veggie kabobs.

Jen's divine dessert contribution of Salted Pretzel Dark Chocolate Pudding with Whipped Cream. In one word - YES!

Brunch at Ship to Shore bistro on the Kingston waterfront.

Thanks to Jen Ruske for the above three photos and the four below!


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