Two More Meals Easy on the Clean-Up

Roasting our Jamaican jerk chicken thighs on the same pan with assorted veggies means one less to wash up.

Jerk chicken and roasted veggies, fried bananas and ginger/pea rice. Cafe Drake HRV made a double batch of the zesty rice and simply nuked throughout the week as needed.

The key to crispy skin on chicken thighs is to bake until almost done at around 375 degrees F before slipping under broiler for the last couple of minutes of cooking.

All that leftover rice anchored a plate of chicken sausage cooked alongside broccoli stalks and wedges of cabbage in the same skillet. No-brainer seasoning for veggies and again, only one pot to scrub. The side dish of carrot & parsnip salad consists simply of shredded root veggies tossed with a rich tahini sauce (tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, garlic, red chilies and fresh parsley and dill all whirled up in the blender) and diced red onions.


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