Happy Birthday to Us

What a wonderful weekend we had celebrating our birthday, making memories and enjoying the company of good friends via conversation, libations and scrumptious meals. Simply too much to cram into one post so Part II to follow next week. 

Birth Week started off with a bang from dear friend and artist Thordis Adalsteinsdottir and Cafe Drake HRV is eternally grateful for the gift of a portrait of our self and Lady Arabella.

Below: Table settings set the mood and tone for dinner and the entire evening. We chose vaguely Indian flair for a Friday late supper, preceded by cocktails in the garden, of Goan gazpacho, pork vindaloo, raita, rice, dhokla, sabzi saag with pine nuts and paneer, chana dal in a tamarind-mint sauce, hari chutney and smoked onion relish.

And then the gang arrived Friday night, from NYC, Brewster, NY and Ann Arbor, MI!


A picnic in the Hudson Highlands of Poet's Walk Park in Rhinebeck was made perfect by the company gathered and crystal blue September skies. (Below: Jen Ruske, Ben Terziani, Amee Simmons-Spondike and Susan McKeever-Duys) A simple al fresco menu consisted of cold, sliced meatloaf with mustard, pickles and gold cherry tomatoes, farro salad with roasted veggies, cheese and snacks.

After the picnic a scenic drive to Amenia brought us to Wethersfield Gardens, where we toured the carriage house and its collection of vintage sleighs and carriages (mutual wonder was expressed by all - who knew carriages could be so interesting and so chic?!) followed by a tour of the mansion and vast, meandering gardens.

Back to Cafe Drake HRV and naps for all before the requisite cocktail hour in the garden. Pulled together and restored by a touch of rest and strong gin drinks, the party headed for more drinks at The Beekman Arms (America's oldest inn, for real) before a lavish meal at farm-to-table heaven, The Local. Espresso back at home, a 1973 thriller starring Liz Taylor and Laurence Harvey and then bedtime. Sunday didn't see us sleeping in though - the group hiked the river trails behind Cafe Drake HRV before brunch and antique browsing in Saugerties.


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