The Succor of Friends or, A Surgical Interlude

Miette is no longer the only feline in the Mckeever-Duys household. Presenting . . . Jefferson!

Susan's storybook 18th-century home is surrounded by various lawns, gardens and shaded nooks and knolls.

Lovely brunch courtesy of chef Susan - goat cheese, bacon and vegetable frittata, green salad with radishes and pumpkin seeds, toast and homemade black raspberry preserves (all fruit plucked from the grounds).

Jefferson and Rosemary have quickly becomes Besties.

Anyone who couldn't be coerced into slipped table scraps by that face is No one we want to know.

Just what a weary, frazzled and anxious Cafe Drake HRV needed most - a Bloody Mary before noon.

Cafe Drake HRV's daughter Arabella arrived in Danbury, CT. at 6AM for major hip/knee surgery. Lucky for us our dear friend Susan lives 10 minutes away. Imagine the comfort of spending our time waiting to pick up Arabella from the vet on Susan's chic garden patio. With this spread!!
Sweet Sloane's early childhood bed has become a lawn ornament.


Susan swaggers in front of one of several out-buildings on her Brewster, NY property.

One of dozens of unusual wild and cultivated plants grown by Susan.

Susan's Guest House located behind the main residence.

Above two photos: a couple of equine residents at nearby Tilly Foster Farm.

Susan's home photographed from her hilltop.

Above 4 photos: with Susan and Sloane at Tilly Foster Farm, Brewster, NY


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