Our Laziest Moments

Too tired for words? Even more fatigued at the thought of kitchen prep? Do as we do at Cafe Drake HRV and throw it on a plate in 15 minutes. Pre-cooked turkey kielbasa pan-fried with onions and thickly sliced red bell peppers, salad from the garden, tomatoes from the farmers' market, olives from the olive bar at Adams and whole wheat flatbreads.

Cafe Drake HRV keeps a small stock of various olives - and a gigantic jar of cornichons - in the fridge at all times.
Just real real lazy. Fettucini tossed with Newman's Own spaghetti sauce, grated Romano cheese, torn romaine leaves drizzled with oil/vinegar/salt/pepper and cubes of Swiss cheese. We were too tired to even grate the latter! 15 Minute Meals on Demand and without Apology For All!


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