Further Trophies from the Gardens of Cafe Drake HRV

Zucchini is the plant that keeps on giving, leaving us up to our elbows in squash blossoms and slender, sweet veggies.

Maturing zucchini plants sprout vaguely tropical leaves the size of elephant ears. Weekly shearing assures inner growth and smaller neighboring plants of sunlight and water.

4 zucchini plants. It's Like a Jungle Sometimes . . .

The gazillionth zucchini squash of Summer 2013.

Two of four varieties of chili peppers we're growing this season. Top: Tabasco chili, below is the fiery but versatile habanero.

The lovely garlic scapes of late Spring are gone and the bulbs of our garlic plants ready for harvesting. The procedure is simple; after digging up the heads via a quick snatch of the stalk, the garlic is left to dry at room temperature for a week and then ready for use. Incredibly sweet and spicy.

Don't laugh at this s. Carrots are work! Between the planting, weeding, careful watering and defense from garden marauders, we'll choose not to grow next summer. Which makes this season's colorful specimens all the more special.

Even if you only have a single pot on the fire escape - or maybe just a windowbox - our suggestion is to plant it with salad greens. Most varieties mature in 30 days or less and the tender leaves provide a flavor incomparable to anything found in the supermarket produce aisle. Top photo: mizuna and baby mustard greens; Bottom photo: a potted mix of arugula, garland chrysanthemum, flowering endive and Lolla Rossa lettuces.


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