The Gardens on The First Day of August

Everyone seems to adore the old-fashioned charm and beauty of bright blue Bachelor's Buttons. We love their silvery-green, wispy leaves as well.

Yellow Pear Tomatoes

Zinnias in a Rainbow of Colors

No matter how often we stake our Lemon Cucumber plant (yes, that's just one plant that started out a mere 4' tall!!) it just keeps growing longer and longer. The spreading vines should reach New Paltz by October.

Black Triefle Tomatoes. Still green.

(above two photos) Honey Drop tomatoes, a tiny heirloom variety, conveniently ripen throughout all of the summer months so there's always a fresh supply. A most thoughtful tomato.

New seedlings are coming up strong and healthy in the largest of the raised bed in the Cafe Drake HRV gardens.

Seeds planted last week are all emerging. YAY! These veggies that prefer cooler weather will be harvested in autumn: broccoli rabe, tat soi, komatsuna, radicchio and arugula.

Tomato plants have the tendency to sprawl . . .

The Little Green Zebra Tomato Plant That Could. Most of our early planted Green Zebra seedlings were carried off by a mini-tornado at the beginning of summer. This one has struggled and held on. And now has a few buds and fruits to prove it still hasn't given up.

Asian Long Beans, also known as Yard Long Beans

The first day of August and the gardens have become an edible jungle.

A portion of the Cutting Garden

Pink Brandywine tomatoes. Ripen quickly, please. We can hardly wait to enjoy you.
We're waiting for lots of produce to ripen around here, including all varieties of chili peppers. Above, an habanero plant.

The usual crowd of Shady Characters found hanging out on the front porch include geraniums, rau ram, chervil, lemon balm and upland cress.

At the end of a busy day of gardening, a quiet place to sit and reflect.


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