Poly-Asian Chef's Salad

Plucked from the garden and headed for our flat, crepe-style omelet: mint, rau ram (also known as Vietnamese coriander), chives and hot chilies. A vegan version of this "Chef's Salad" could be made with an thin "omelet" of chickpea flour. We've got a recipe for you right here in the Cafe Drake HRV archives.

Two eggs are seasoned with salt, sesame oil, herbs, chilies and chives, then fried as a thin omelet, crepe-style.

The herb omelet is rolled in the non-stick pan . . .

and transferred to a towel to drain of any excess oil.
Meanwhile, edamame, baby kale, shiso leaves, lemon cucumbers and radishes are tossed with a light miso dressing.

The base of our salad is warm quinoa.
The cool, tossed salad is piled atop the warm grain and finished with the shredded Asian herb omelet, croutons and toasted cashews.


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