A Quick Visit from Thordis Adalsteinsdottir

Arabella wasted no time in cuddling up to her Auntie Thordis.

A lap is the most heavenly pillow of all.

No, really, Arabella wouldn't leave Thordis' side.

But the love had to be spread around . . .

Lloyd needed some Face Time too!

A salad of romaine lettuce, veggies, oven-roasted tofu and our house dressing, Creamy Sesame Miso. We also enjoyed, courtesy of Thordis, a sincerely good rose wine + Ginger Martinis + Vegetable Tempura, Marinated Cucumbers with Chili Oil and Shiso Rice.

The table is set for a meal and, most importantly, catching up with a dear friend. Isn't it this particular combination that makes for the happiest evenings?

Sitting down for a small bite at Cafe Drake HRV with Thordis A.


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