Una Comida Mexicano Con Kristin, Dolce & Hubert

Hubie is exhausted after romping/stomping the yard with Arabella Page!

Something of interest in the grass . . .

Kristin and Cafe Drake HRV sat down, after the dogs tired of running and playing, after the humans sipped a couple of Whiskey and Soda aperitifs, to a meal of Mushroom and Chipotle Quesadillas with Heirloom Tomatoes and Crema, Cocoa and Cinnamon-Spiked Black Beans, Braised Quelites and ice-cold Corona.

Dolce's favorite spot at Cafe Drake HRV is definitely the kitchen sofa. Arabella's never far away.

Quelites are greens classified by botanists, technically, as weeds. Eaten throughout Mexico and gaining popularity even here in the Northeast, our hefty bunch of quelites (pictured above) was purchased at the Kingston Farmer's Market. Sometimes called lamb's quarters or goose feet, the tender leaves taste almost identical to baby spinach. Almost. They're even better! When cooked quelites offer none of spinach's sometimes slimy texture and deliver a more robust flavor. Cafe Drake HRV rinsed the plucked leaves very well in a couple of changes of water to remove sand and grit. The chewy, woodsy stems must be discarded. We then added the wet leaves to a large skillet already full of carmelized onions. Next, we stirred in chopped plum tomatoes, minced garlic, sliced jalapeno peppers and salt and black pepper. Quelites, like spinach, cook almost instantly over high heat and after a minute or two were ready to savor.


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