Mother Visits Us in the HRV

Although she put in long hours with a paintbrush, Mother found time to treat us to a few memorable meals in the area, including lunch at Miss Lucy's (Saugerties) and dinners at Diamond Mills (Saugerties) and the Culinary Institute of America's gorgeous Italian restaurant Caterina de' Medici. The latter was a real treat from house-cured meats to butternut squash ravioli through Roman-style oxtail and an extensive cheese plate. In return Cafe Drake offered up a few meals of our own.

Literally in our back yard, the Falling Water Nature Preserve.

A hearty breakfast

Vegetable tempura, brown rice, tomato and sesame salad and miso-broiled salmon

Not Hogwarts but the Culinary Institute of America in nearby Hyde Park

Lloyd, always happy with a visit from his grandmother, supervises the lacquering of dining room walls.


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