And We're Back

Storm-battered and transplanted to the Hudson River Valley, Cafe Drake HRV is one kitchen you can't hold down. On our first night in new digs we whipped up dinner in a hastily unpacked kitchen, drawing from a pantry and fridge stocked with care and foresight - a new idea for us. The debut meal was simple yet yielded leftovers built for multi-tasking, a strategy essential for quick subsequent lunches and dinners scarfed between marathon unpacking sessions.

Thai take-out, always pivotal during the moving process: spicy bamboo shoots and beef, veggie spring rolls, adobo peanuts.

LOTS of unpacking:

And here's our premier dinner at Cafe Drake HRV, thrown together in 20 minutes:

OK, so that's basically it: bucatini with Rao's roasted garlic marinara sauce from a jar. Dusted with Parmesan, drizzled with good olive oil, the pasta was partnered only with hummus and black bean tortilla chips. (Carb loading is allowed and efficient during 16 hour days of unpacking).


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