School's Out!!

There's always something to check out in the cove behind Cafe Drake HRV. For example, this log. Which has been washed up on the beach since last autumn. Still never gets old to Arabella.

Summer is a great time to hang out with friends. Above, Arabella's BFF Hans. 
Arabella found a new, secret watering hole nearby this summer.

A late afternoon swim guarantees that Arabella and Hans will stay cool for the short remainder of the day. 
We also like to catch up with Travis and his mom during the warm months.

In the summer, Arabella's been known to swim over to the neighbor's dock to pay a social call.

Then again, the air conditioning inside feels good too.
And wood floors are the coolest spots for summer naps.

Lloyd and Arabella contemplate plans for a lazy afternoon.

If it's under 90 degrees though, you'll find Lloyd Page patrolling the perimeter. He takes his job as Head Security of Cafe Drake HRV very, very seriously.


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