Finally, Okonomiyaki Perfected!

First things first: Arabella thought our former attempt at okonomiyaki more than delicious and couldn't be bothered to observe our second effort. "Why improve on perfection when you can nap instead?" - Arabella Page

This time around we used shaved Brussels sprouts, scallions, carrots and red bell peppers for our Cafe Drake HRV okonomiyaki, Part II.

Our recipe, linked below, makes two large savory pancakes. Count on one per hungry dinner guest, or 1/2 - 1/3 a pancake if served with side dishes and rice.

Cafe Drake HRV boosted the protein of our okonomiyaki dinner with edamame, braised with onions, ginger and tomatoes.

The finishing touches make the meal. In the case of okonomiyaki, this means BBQ sauce, mayo and toasted nori seaweed. Not nearly as weird as it sounds, the combo of embellishments makes so much sense on the palette. Grab our recipe for this classic Japanese dish RIGHT HERE.


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