A Visit from the Spondike Clan

above: a late arrival after a 13-hour drive dictates a light, quick supper for travelers weary for bed. Cafe Drake HRV greeted Amee, Bryan and Beatrice with a simple meal of Moroccan Vegetable Soup, Pimento Cheese & Benedictine Sandwiches and assorted house pickles.
Table set for a quick bite before bed.

Malbec tends to nourish and soothe souls after hours on the road.

Spiced olives marry well with gin cocktails and premium bubbly, courtesy of the Spondikes.

above two photos: Beatrice introduces Arabella to a favorite new snack - Cheerios!

Arabella extends warm greetings to her guests.

An easily assembled dinner with a Middle Eastern flair included marinated lamb grilled table-side and cumin rice. Above, dry condiments - sumac and za'atar.

Assorted roasted Spring vegetables

Grilling at the Table. We sometimes make guests cook their own food here at Cafe Drake HRV!

Lettuce for wrapping grilled lamb and lemon-tahini sauce for drizzling and dipping.

Looks like the Spondikes were hungry! We enjoyed many delish dinners during the recent visit, including, courtesy of the clan, an Indian feast in Rhinebeck, a three-course bistro luncheon and the always popular brunch at Miss Lucy's in Saugerties.
Lloyd Page (upper right corner of pic above) loved charming his house guests! Photo Credit to Bryan Spondike.

Arabella: "Hey, hurry up with my breakfast will you, Bea?"


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